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Magic (Thoughts About the Earth, the Soul, the Universe)

I spent some time listening to the quiet hours of the morning today. The papery red branches of the manzanita tress rubbed together like cricket wings. “The trees are talking,” I thought to myself… and in this moment a thousand memories flooded my mind. I remember when believing in something made it real. I remember discovering the Universe in a single drop of water. I remember the wind singing a soft song. Were these memories just my childhood day-dreams? Or does loving something, really believing in it, bring it to life?

Lately, I’ve been giving special attention to the land on which my home sits. Standing within the circle of trees in my front yard seemed to wake them up. Were they always awake? Is it me that is waking up? Each day that I spend giving appreciation and love to these trees seems make them sparkle more. Houseplants enjoy company. It makes sense that the trees do to. The whole yard feels alive and bright and aware.

I also noticed this sparkling sensation in my daughter’s room recently. When we sleep share her room will go a few days without devoted attention. For the last few weeks she’s been sleeping in her room every night and it seems that every little butterfly is alive with the joy of her presence. The paper dolls strung across her window seem to keep a dutiful eye on her while she sleeps. Her pillows even appear perkier and her toys have a subtle glow. Living in and loving her pretty little room seems to have brought it to life. There is a tangible sense of sparkle that wasn’t there before. The same thing is happening with the trees in my yard.

By loving and caring for things their essence seems to change. Maybe it is just me that is waking up and noticing the light within these things… but I think the relationship is symbiotic. We both gain something ineffable from the deepening of the relationship and the development of love. There is magic in nurture.

The oak trees outside my bedroom window form a verdant canopy. Each morning, I open my eyes to what feels like a hug from Mother Nature. The early sunlight dancing on the shiny green leaves is enchanted. Most mornings, my thoughts wake me up before the dancing sun – but one particular morning last winter, this dancing morning light actually woke me up to the divinity, the magic, in all things.

This wasn’t a new concept for me – but feeling the sparkle of that light in my heart really woke up my soul. Now, I’m learning to love this soul inside my body and, in doing so, the twinkle in me is more evident to me! AND… the twinkle in EVERYTHING is more evident everywhere! This is the living, breathing, interconnectedness in all things. It is divine and it is magic. The more I love this soul in me, the more it is waking up – just like the manzanita trees in my front yard.

I think things do come to life when we believe in them. I remember not believing in me – the world just wasn’t as beautiful then as it is now… and for that I say, “Thank you Mother Nature.”

I wonder what would happen if we loved the Earth like this.

As I finished up my thoughts and my morning yard work, I noticed the little old man who lives up my street was out for his daily walk. His pace is slow but steady. His shoulders no longer hold his back up straight but his determination is evident in his face. He takes small, deliberate steps up our hill and quietly makes his way without a sound. I think about what he has seen. He has lived so much longer than me. Does he see the magic in the trees? Does he hear the wind singing? I suspect he does. I wonder how long he’s been walking and this reminds me that just because I don’t see it, doesn’t mean that is not there. I smile and wave hello… and in that instant our connection becomes alive. We don’t speak, we only smile – a smile that stirs the magic in the trees.