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How to Teach Grammar for denis johnson

i don't care about their commas

rarely can't follow an essay

with a run-on sentence

or is it run-away

words colliding in white space           

f   r   a   g   m   e   n   t   s

as if anything comes out whole

like    this morning            

i race to the committee on ethics

leave in the middle of class  

gulp peach smoothie

eight live active cultures

stillborn sentences

turned upside down   slapped

on the ass   shoved into sound bites

not breathing yet

to hell with grammar

david sleeps in the parking garage

at perdido & salsipuedes

sober most days   last thursday

he saw a boy shot  

fifteen   his son's age

anna's clean six months  

january   her daughter starts second grade

ready to write   i yell turning to the board

write naked   write from exile   write in blood