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My Quick Guide To Creating A Psychopathic Character!
In order to create a believable character, a writer must attempt to understand the psychology and traits that drive the personality and compulsion behind the character.  If you're not a psychopath or know a psychopath how can you write a convincing depiction?  First, do research. 
Don't be tempted to turn to the highly publicized or Hollywood version of 'psychopath,' as a short cut.  Readers will pick up on cookie cutter imitations and discard them just as quickly in the trash.  Remember, what is more terrifying is not the Manson or Dahmer, but the psychopath we pray isn't living next door.  Go ahead, pull back the living room curtain and watch Mr. X take his garbage to the curb at 2 a.m. and see if that doesn't give you a good old-fashioned shiver. Click here to get full article: http://www.charliecourtland.com,