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Son of Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History

New Book Review:

 Son of Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History is perhaps the most perfect title for book that looks back on Hollywood. And no, you need not have read the original to appreciate sequel but I recommend that one should. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing author, Manny Pacheco about his new book on the Write Now Show telecast over a southern California cable system. The books tell the stories of the great supporting actors during the Golden Age of Hollywood tied into a specific time in U. S. history and highlighting important social and political issues as well.

 Superbly crafted the books are filled with important facts and overflowing with little known movie trivia. Both Hollywood and general U.S. history buffs will enjoy this book. No, I have not been paid for this review. Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History©2009 and Son of Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History©2012, Manny Pacheco, Book Publishers Network, Bothell, WA.

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Hollywood Happenings

Since I was born and raised in Hollywood, have to check these books out. Both sound fascinating!

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Thanks Steve, Manny will be pleased and as I said, wasn't paid a dime for the review. He's a nice guy too and a fellow Redroomer.