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Sir Winston's 138th
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Excerpt from my publisher’s statement, The Hummingbird Review, Vol. 1, No. 1

I saw him as soon as he stepped off the elevator heading in my direction, a man who possessed a remarkable likeness to Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, even without the cigar and specs. And, I suspect, that few people knew more about the illustrious statesman and even fewer could deliver a superior, more professional imitation of the great man himself. The visitor stopped by my office door, struck a Churchillian pose and offered: “They also say— that the Prime Minister is hard of hearing,” knowing full-well with just that phrase, the punch line from a famous Churchill yarn, that I’d crumble at his feet with laughter. This, of course, I did, as was the visitor’s desire, a prelude and prepayment to requesting the use of my office for a few days. I never refused no matter how many times he asked.

The welcomed intruder was James C. Humes, author of thirty books, ghostwriter for five presidents, and the only writer in history to have his words cast in bronze, affixed to a lunar-lander leg, where they have remained on the moon since 1969, silently awaiting the next reader.

Here men from planet earth

first set foot upon the moon

July 1969 A. D.

We came in peace for all mankind.

I think of Jamie and Sir Winston as we launch this review because of their love and skill with which both men made such effective use of words. Words to inspire, inform, inflame, coddle, cajole, chastise, convince, and yes, entertain. All aforementioned goals, we believe, reasonable ambitions for a publication such as this.

JAMES HUMES HAS A NEW BOOK OUT THIS MONTH (31st?) "Churchill: The Prophetic Statesman."