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Aug 2012

I'm an old and hardly accomplished writer, mostly because I had a self-destructive habit of destroying my work -- books, stories, articles. Do you remember Jules Pfeiffer's "Little Murders"? I call mine little suicides. Some of the stories were rejected by magazines, some never entered. I didn't realize that electronic publishing would carry the same stigma as vanity publishing. I'm still not sure it does but one reviewer (on Amazon.com) set out to kill the sales of my book and I think he succeeded. I believed he was a friend of an old friend in Los Angeles. But, his review led with the words, in bold print, "self published." Obvious attempt to denegrate the value of the book. More vitriol followed but enough about that. That was my last revue.

I was born and grew up in the East Germantown section of Philadelphia, went to Catholic grammar school for eight years and and had no further education until I was 26 years old. At 34 I had my first college experience in L.A. where I made a good start at an English degree. 66 units, or semester hours, and then -- sabotage. Dropped out. Early alcoholism (ages 13 to 25) and compulsive destruction of my labors accounted for the lapses. By the time I overcame the impulse to keep destroying my work, thousands of pages, I was approaching old age. The offers from major publishers and the encouragement from influential people in the literary world was long behind me so I turned to Xlibris, an electronic publisher that impressed me. A Cape May, NJ book store is stocking the book and displaying my poster. And now with no  funds to do a serious marketing campaign I'll rely on blogging. And my imagination.   I didn't go into my military years or my machining career but they do get used in the book. It's a novel and I've never felt that the machinist's trade had ever been portrayed realistically in fiction.  

Recognition is a good book if I say it myself and I'd like to use the blogging world to give it a boost.  ------------- Charlie Killeen

to give it a boost.

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