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“I were going along the road one night an’ I seed a feller coming along towards me, and I thought it were ‘ee  and ‘ee thought it were I. And we got a little closer an’ I knowed it were ‘ee and ‘ee knowed it were I. An’ we got a little nearer, an’ I were sure it were ‘ee an’ ‘ee were sure it were I. An’ us got a little closer still, and I were darned positive it...
Charles has been published in the United States and Russia. Standing At The Crossroads is looking for a home everywhere else. To see a sample of the text, click here. To see reviews from the States, click on the following links: New York Journal of Books The Independent Publishers Weekly Library Journal ForeWord Magazine Kirkus
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An endearing piece on Farming Today a little while back, an interview with a West Country dairy farmer. As everyone knows, dairy farming is a dire business. You work all hours, never have a holiday, milk the herd two or even three times a day, pay huge feed bills to maximize yield, and at the end of it all you may, if you're lucky, get a one or two percent profit...
Short Story
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                                                 THE ME-ME MALADY Santa Margarita y los Monjes is a small place, but we live life large, or at least as large as we can, and in the case of my Aunt Dolores that is often very large indeed. If you're not familiar with my Aunt Dolores --and I can't say I'd blame you if you're not, nor would I recommend excessive...
Posted a 'squib' here a little while back and this is a squib review, which is not to dismiss The Chester Chronicles, but indicative of the fact that all I've really got to say is, "Read it, it's good." As it happens, when I began this novel in the guise of a series of linked stories, I had the feeling I wasn't going to write about it at all. From the...
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Squib #1 Passage from Milan Kundera’s L’Immortalité “Path: a band of dirt on which we walk. The road is distinguished from the path not only because we travel along it by car, but because it is a simple line linking one point to another. The road does not of itself have any meaning, only that of the two points it connects. The path is an homage to space. Each...
"Barfighters were a minority species in Cheskis's anger management class. Rather than fight each other, most violent  men find it safer and more gratifying to assault their wives and children." Now that is a great way to begin a book and it was glancing at those first two sentences that finally persuaded me to put aside my prejudices (Do I really want...
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A novel with the word ‘theory’ in the title suggests three things to me. First, it’s going to be grim. Second, you’re going to be battered about the head with big ideas. Third, the writer takes themselves very seriously indeed. Yet, as a title, A Theory of All Things is beguiling enough, the bathos of ‘all things’ suggesting there’s going to be some spirited good...
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The basic principle behind alchemy is that all matter is made from a single divine building block, the Prima Materia or elemental chaos, refined into different chemical structures by varying degrees of warmth, coldness, dampness and dryness. The alchemist seeks to redefine these qualities in order to transmute, purify or perfect 'base' matter (initially metals of...