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Let's E-Publish a Book Step One: Deciding what to Publish By Charles Atkins Every journey begins with a step...at some point I'll Google that and find out who said it.  But here's the journey...or at least the goal.  I've decided to e-publish a book, and to recreate myself...a part of...
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Vultures at Twilight
Congratulations on Your New Book By Charles Atkins Years back I was in therapy.  "What?" you ask, "You, the epitome of mental health?  Say  it's not so."  Well, let's just say it was part of my training as a psychiatrist.  All of which brings me to something brilliant my...
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Charles Atkins Creativity Writer's Block 3.gif
  On Creativity and How to Vanquish Writer's Block By Charles Atkins Writer's Block--a sort of creative constipation--is little more than negative self talk.  It's as useful as a jar of marshmallow fluff added to the laundry.  And the good news is, it's completely fixable and here I...
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Motivation is a Crock: How to Create Healthy Habits and Lose the Bad Ones By Charles Atkins Question: "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" Answer: "Practice."   I'm a dual career psychiatrist and author.  And as I bounce from being the white-coated Dr. Atkins to Charles Atkins the writer...
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The Cadaver's Ball
This week I've asked my friend and book editor/book doctor Liz Fitzgerald to weigh in with:  Confessions of a Book Doctor: Five Things that Every Writer Must Know By: Liz Fitzgerald I’ve worked as an editor and book doctor for a number of years, both with a publishing house and more recently...
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The Wall of Unwanted Books
The Wall of Unwanted Books By Charles Atkins " I have learned, that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours." --Henry David Thoreau Do all authors have a drawer of unpublished...
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As I prep for the release of my latest mystery--VULTURES AT TWILIGHT (Severn House)I came upon the following that I wrote for the now defunct Byline Magazine. It's all about the circuitous route to getting published. For me, this is all about the journey. The product is great, but how we get...
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