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On Safari in Mana Pools - Zimbabwe
I had been taking pictures of this animal and two others just the afternoon before it was senselessly slaughtered.

I've been on photo safaris all over southern Africa; including chasing a pride of lions in the Kalahari, and tracking a bull white rhino in Matobo, Zimbabwe.  My favorite though was documenting the animals of Zimbabwe's Mano Pools National Park, an undeveloped area with a great diversity of wildlife.  I did a lot of pictures of hippos, including one of an animal that hunters had shot and pulled up on the bank of the Zambezi River prior to hauling it away. I was torn among a full close-up of a hippo looking as if it was deciding whether to charge at me; a family group, with a bull watching over a group of cows; or my shot of the tragically slaughtered hippo.  Since local newspapers liked the last one, and in fact, ran it in both their print and Internet editions, I decided to go with it.


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Nice shot, sad shot

Wow, nice shot and sad one too Charles- and during the week where the Black Rhino was just declared extinct: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/45236688/ns/world_news-world_environment/t/africas-western-black-rhino-declared-extinct/#.TswX0mCz7y8

Hopefully we will continue to learn and save these creatures- hippos are dangerous but also beautiful.

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Could you update me (maybe with a blog) and other Red Room members what the current conditions are in Zimbabwe? After years of reports of how Mugabe (sp?) supposedly led the country into economic disaster, the major news sources these days (even the usually reliable New York Times) seem to have gone (like a corporation before its quarterly earnings date) into a comparable "quiet period" as though Zimbabwe has suddenly become invisible on the world scene or vanished into cyberspace.

From your travels, perhaps you could fill up this curious gap or vacuum in news reporting and/or enlighten us about this country.

My appreciation in advance.