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Leadership for the Twenty-First Century

            There are those who sincerely believe that in this, the digital age, with almost instantaneous communication between any two points on the globe, and with the present-day emphasis on flat organizations and empowered employees, leadership is less important.  That is, in my view, dangerous thinking, and just plain wrong.  Leadership is more important now than ever.


            I’m not talking here about the smokestack economy style of leadership, but leadership in its most basic sense.  Leadership that sets vision and direction, leadership that coordinates all the disparate, independent elements that make up modern organizations into a coherent whole.


            In an era when mistakes or misunderstanding can cause catastrophic consequences, whether from weapons of mass destruction in the hands of rogue groups, a biosphere devastated due to wrong-headed business decisions, or nature wreaking havoc; there is a compelling need for enlightened leadership.


            In a “flat” organization, everyone should aspire to be a leader.  Not necessarily in the formal sense, with titles and perks, but informally – ensuring that the right things are done the right way.  As my grandmother used to say, “don’t wait around for someone else to do it.”

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Re: Leadership for the Twenty-First Century

Absolutely true. If we all waited around for someone else to do it we'd still be shivering in the cold waiting for someone to discover fire. Your grandmother was a wise woman.



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Yes, you are right...
But, leadership is designated till a birth of the child …
But, then turns »authoritarianism» …
Leadership and collective nature … «symbiosis» …
Sincerely …