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It's a Mythtake to Mess With Texas
A militia group, bent on starting armageddon, bites off more than they can chew when they kidnap Al Pennyback's friends.

If you want to start a war, just mess with one of any number of favorite myths that Texans cling to.  Especially any that relate to San Antonio, the most mythunderstood city in the state. I have always been a student of history, and the history of this fabled city has always fascinated me, so I took a stab at writing about some of its most famous myths.  Like, for instance, did everyone at the Alamo actually die?  Do the ghosts of school children haunt a railroad crossing in the city?

You can read the complete article on AOL Travel.

Gina Misiroglu of Red Room hooked me up with the people at AOL, and this just one of the great ways she’s bringing more traffic to Red Room and helping to build audiences for Red Room’s writers.