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Catanetwork 99 Theme Days of Summer - June 18th is Danger Zone Theme - All things Action and Adventure

Come One, Come All. Calling all authors of action and adventure fiction or non-fiction. Calling all readers of action and adventure.

Catanetworks is having 99 days of themes throughout the summer.

June 18th is Danger Zone Theme co-hosted by yours truly, Charlene Leatherman.

Authors! Come by and share the books, stories, poetry, anything you have written that fits into the theme of action and adventure. The theme day is not restricted by genre. You can share your work whether it is mystery, romance, thriller, suspense, fiction or non-fiction, anything that gets your heart racing and your pulse pounding. If you have a contest or two that is demanding to be announced, we would love to hear about it. The more the merrier.

Readers! Stop by and read excerpts of these exciting works. Chat with the authors themselves. discover the action and adventure books you will want to read this summer. Have you seen the new Indiana Jone movie? How about Kung Fu Panda? Stop by and tell us what you like about the movie. Want to read a book that hasn't been written yet? Now is a perfect opportunity to let talented authors know what you want to read. Want to enter a contest or two? Our authors may have some wonderful prizes for you to win. You won't know unless you stop by. And you definitely can't win unless you enter.

You have to register with Catanetwork Message Boards to participate, but registration and participation is free. Stop by today and register so you will be sure to join in.

The link to register is http://mb.catanetwork.com/upload/index.php?act=Reg&CODE=00

Authors if you have any questions email privately at disonij@aol.com with the words Danger Themes in the subject line.

Hope to see everyone there. We are going to have a very adventurous day! As the Danger Zone Authors say, Adventure, Peril, Intrigue is Just a Click Away.

Charlene Leatherman