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How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

Flowers are one of the nicest things to have whether picked from your garden or given by a loved one. The only downside about flowers is that, once picked, they only maintain their beauty for a short span of time without constant supply of fresh water. Most of the time it is between 3 and 5 days for cut flowers to wilt but with the right knowledge and caring techniques, you can keep your cut or delivered flowers fresh looking for a week or more. Follow the steps to keep cut flowers fresh.

  1. To ensure long lasting uk flowers, look for the freshest flowers available. If you have flowers in your garden, harvest them in the morning so that they will not be exposed to the hot daytime sun. If you want to buy a bouquet, call your florist first and ask when their shipment of fresh flowers arrives. Or you can purchase flowers from your local flower market. The best and freshest flowers online usually are available very early in the morning. So better be early to make these purchases. Choose bouquets or buy flowers with unopened flowers and shiny leaves; avoid wilting and browning blossoms and as soon as possible get the flowers into fresh water.
  2. Choose a vase or any vessel that won't congest the flowers. Don’t fill the entire container with water because stems that are submerged in water can get easily decayed. Three or four inches of water will do. Also consider the quantity of flowers to be placed on the vase. For 12 Roses and more, a bigger and longer flower vase id required.
  3. Before you cut the stems, remove excess leaves that might just drop down the waterline causing the filth around the area of the vase. Submerged leaves decay quickly and will lead to bacterial growth, which degrades the flowers’ stems and reduces their ability to absorb water.
  4. While under running water, cut 1 inch of each stem at a 45-degree angle. Use a sharp knife or pruning shears rather than household scissors, which can crush the stems.
  5. Immediately put the freshly cut flowers into the vase.
  6. Place your arrangement out of direct sunlight; place it in a cool spot. Keep your flowers away from ripening fruit. Ripening fruits give off ethylene gas that shortens the life of cut flowers.
  7. Every other day, change the water in the vase and cut a quarter of an inch of the stems at a 45-degree angle under running water.

Keeping in mind these tips will surely provide you convenience with regards to the proper maintenance of your precious flowers. Send flowers to your loved-ones and make them feel appreciated and loved all year round.