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"Project: Heartbeats and Elevation" - A unique book of poetry
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A celebration of Life, Love, and Spirituality...
Project: Heartbeats and Elevation (ISBN 978-0-9781127-3-8) is not a regular book of poetry. It does not only lend new credibility to Spirituality in a unique way, but it also redefines God as the long forsaken beacon of light in a world in need of faith.

"Project: Heartbeats and Elevation" is Cendrine Marrouat's most spiritual and accomplished collection of poetry.

With three acclaimed books ("And They All Rejoiced! Soul-Stirring Poetry", "Short Poetry for Those Who Fear Death", and "Sortons des chemins battus. Poésie de l'âme") published in 2006, and bilingual poems available on her blog, Ms Marrouat has made a name for bringing comfort and joy to many readers in need of spiritual healing.

The "Project: Heartbeats and Elevation" journey started in the middle of 2008, at a time when Cendrine's belief in God had never been stronger. She wanted to share this belief with the world.

Anita Charlot comments: "Even from across the pond, Cendrine's poetry has touched my spirit. Her love of God shines through the poetry on her pages and have truly awakened my spirit. No matter what you call your higher power... you will definitely feel her love for her higher power shine through."

Each poem in the book sheds light on life, love, and spirituality in a unique way. Titles like "Birth", "Solitude", or "Dance of Souls" will take you on a spiritual journey that you will never forget. As Cendrine Marrouat says: "What sets this book apart is the sense of joy and hope that emerges. I just want people to see that Spirituality and God are not some vain words. They can actually help you to overcome the greatest hurdles and make you a better individual."


There is a light in the sky.
(Gather your thoughts.)
You see down low and up high.
(Gather your thoughts.)
Feeling strong and compelling,
Your limits are unsheltered.
(Gather your thoughts.)
Will you hear the words?

Always grow!
Grow, always!

(c)2009 Cendrine Marrouat


High, high in the sky,
Destiny meets History,
And they pirouette
Hopping on Morning's billows.
Soon, you shall be up there too.

(c)2009 Cendrine Marrouat

"Project: Heartbeats and Elevation" is available for purchase at http://soulpoetrysite.weebly.com/project-heartbeats-and-elevation.html.