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When you talk about transisitions, that could be in many ways.  You always hear people insist that change is good... really though some times change is not good, it's just unavoidable.  Someone may change the way that they feel about you, and if you were in love with that person... the change was not good, it was horrid, and heart breaking.  Change is most often something that you are unable to stop, no matter how hard you try.  As you can tell I'm not a big fan of change as a whole, but in some things, when they change, it is good. Like when it changes or transisitions from Summer to Fall, that is good :) I much prefer the fall with its crisp breezes and cooler temperatures.  For someone like me, I am comfortable with having things the same, I like predictable, I like normal routines, and when those change it takes me a good deal to  get used to the change.  For instance, once I have something down as far as a procedure, I don't like it when all of the sudden the procedure changes and then I'm left feeling irritated that it has changed on me.  One example of this might be with a working situation, certain formats are followed, for one book, but then we you go to write your next book they have changed everything... not only the way it should be edited but also the way that the language should flow, and the rules of grammer that should be applied. 

Or in another case, if you were to make the same recipe several times over but someone decided to change the formula of one of the ingrediants that you use in the recipe... it wouldn't turn out the same.  Some times change is good, but most often I find change is just unavoidable and uncomfortable.