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End of Summer
End of Summer is the Beginning of Autumn

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Celestia Buckingham Smith.  I the author of College Life In Paradise Hawaiian Style, published by PublishAmerica.  I am new at blogging, but when I received an e-mail which asked to blog about the end of summer I decided I would try my hand at it. 

What does the end of summer mean to most people? For the student it means back to school, studies and autumn sports.  For some who may be known as "sun worshipers" it is a sad time, a some what depressing time.  Then you have people like me... the end of summer is a time to celebrate!  Why celebrate you may well ask.  Well for me summer is sticky, hot and unforgiving.  The end of summer means the begining of fall or autumn.  Autumn is my happy time, I love when the weather cools off, when the air gets crisp and the breezes start to caress the earth.  The leaves begin to change and you can smell when it's going to rain.  I live in the mountains so the smell of rain is sweet, earthy and clean.  After it rains you can't help but feel rejuvinated, the earth puts off a wonderful aroma that seems to say "I have been washed and been made clean."   I know that some people mainly those who live in cities say that rain doesn't have a good smell.  That is how you know that they are in a city, for if they lived in the country, or in the mountains they would welcome, no beg for the smell of rain.  I am known for saying that I love the fall, because its time for boots and sweathers and scarves!