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Just Joined, Crazy Busy

This Web site looks fabulous and I am looking forward to taking advantage of it --in time!  Currently I am working as a community activist for the ServiceNation campaign (http://www.servicenation.org), putting together a big National Day of Action event in my home community of Davenport, IA.  They are sending me to the Summit in New York on the 11th for three days, so I'm busy planning my trip and what needs to be done at home in my absence. 

I teach mornings through the local community college in alternative high school classes handling English (literature and creative writing), Health, PE, Biology, Psychology, Sociology, Child Development, Environmental Science, and Anthropology.

I am also active in several other organizations, including our new chapter of Royal Neighbors of America #20039 (no Web site yet), and the Poetry Street Project (http://poetrystreet.blogspot.com), as well as the local Earth Week Coalition, Progressive Action for the Common Good, and the American Association of University Women (Davenport-Bettendorf chapter).  In the off moments, for relaxation, I am translating the Breton Lay "Sir Orfeo,"   or gardening, or just catching up on sleep. 

 We have a busy household which includes myself and my husband, Rick, my daughter Mary Ellen and her four-year-old son, Kyle, and our roommate, Paul, along with seven cats, two dogs and one parakeet.  

I am wrapping up this ServiceNation campaign--it will end for me officially on September 30.  On  October 11, I am leaving for a much-needed vacation in southwestern Montana, visiting my best friend, who is the park ranger at a ghost town.  No cell phone service there, I suspect, gratefully.  

When I return from Montana, it is my intention to focus on my part-time teaching and full-time writing once again.  Keep checking back; I hope to begin posting within the next couple of months.