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Cathy visits the I Write in Books blog to discuss a variety of ideas, including the mystique of the Falls, environmentalism, as well as heroic rescues and daring stunts. And on the almost spiritual relationship with the river that her character Tom seems to have, Cathy says:

In The Day the Falls Stood Still Tom describes the Niagara River as "something that would cause a man walking by to stop, and maybe fill with wonder for a bit and be lifted up from the drudgery of his day." While I cannot claim that my appreciation for the river runs quite as deep as Tom's, I have absolutely felt the wonder he describes. I think it is the reason I wrote The Day the Falls Stood Still.

Catch more of the conversation at the blog here.

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I'm looking forward to reading this...

I grew up in Guelph, a less spectacular town, but the lure of the Falls was never very far away. And I've been to conferences there for a couple of years... I told one naive participant that they turned the Falls off at night to cut the noise and she said "Really?"

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Turning the Falls Off

While it's true the falls aren't turned off at night, the flow over the falls is cut to about 25% of the natural flow with the rest diverted away from the falls to make hydroelectricty.  At the opening of The Day the Falls Stood Still in 1915, the engineers of the Hydro Electric Power Commission are working out how to put an end to the the money and power running to waste at Niagara Falls, and the book chronicles the early days of hydroelectric development on the river.  Look forward to you reading it.