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Digital Books for Kids & Kids Who Write Reviews

I’ve been hearing more and more about new digital directions for the children’s market, including apps for the iPad.In addition, more and more kids are blogging, and writing their own book reviews, which is very cool.Here are two fun, cutting edge links. One is called KidsWriteReviews.com, where I just got a five star review for my choose-your-own adventure book, A Girl’s Best Friend. Thanks to my reviewer, KK!The second is a link to an article a friend turned me onto called The Future of Print: 21 Interesting E-Books for Kids, by Scott McLeod. Scott hosts this site called Dangerously Irrelevant, which is dedicated to exploring the technological and educational needs of schools. The amazing array of apps and eBooks cited in his article will expand your thinking about what is possible for the children’s market going forward. He provides examples of everything from 3D interactive online pop-up books, to science apps. Take a look here.Finally, take a peek at Tumble Books, a site that many libraries use, where trade books are transformed to digital talking books. Boy, I would have loved this as a kid.On a different but just as important note, I want to thank Krista M for awarding me the Stylish Blog Award! I encourage you all to visit her thoughtful blog, The Jelly Beans of Writing.As far as me citing seven more blogs, I’ve recently awarded two big batches of them, so I will sit this round out, as I don’t want to bore you by being redundant. But I promise, in time, I will be recognizing more great blogs as I discover them.What do you think of the move toward eBooks and apps for kids? Have you seen any great sites that you would add to my list? Do you have kids, and if so, do they have any favorite apps? How about blogs written by kids?