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Chasing Windmills audio excerpt
The Vintage paperback was released in March 2009. Originally published by Doubleday in March of 2008. Also in print in the UK with Transworld.
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Chasing Windmills is the first time I’ve really taken on a love story. Most of my “love stories” are between siblings, friends, or parents and children oddly thrown together. But this is a story of lovers oddly thrown together.

Sebastian lives under his father’s rule. He has four more months until he’s 18. In the meantime he is home schooled, and only allowed out for one daily run. Maria is a 22-year-old woman living with her two children and an abusive live-in boyfriend.

They fall in love on a subway train in the middle of the night, and make a plan to run away together to the Mojave Desert. But there are issues. Maria doesn’t know Sebastian is not 18. And Sebastian doesn’t know Maria has two children.

She meets him with a big duffle bag and a big surprise--one child. Her girl. But can she really leave her little boy behind?