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"Where is True Justice?"

Where Is True Justice?

I have learned that justice can be found in the heart, through compassion. But before I learned this, and for most of my life, I’d been asking God where the justice was in the world. I questioned this, not only in my immediate family, but also in close relatives and friends. I’ve come to believe that there is no justice without compassion; we may even be guilty of injustice and neglect of suffering that we blindly leave unattended until we wake up and become aware. We are only as big or as small as we open ourselves up to be. When we ask, we become able to see as God sees. This allows us to know where to focus our attention on what is truly needed. God can reach everyone, so we must only open ourselves and ask Him the question, Where do we begin?


             Awareness is important. How many of us have blindly helped someone we thought was in need but really wasn’t, while leaving someone wanting who truly was without some material comfort or support that we easily could have provided? Trying to use our own judgment without God’s help in such cases can keep us from being able to discern who truly needs us. But if we pray to be able to use God’s ears, eyes, and heart to know the truth, there will not be as many suffering people left unattended in this world because we will become the vessels for God to use to intervene. God would work through us and help us assist those who truly deserve and need it, which is far better than trying to figure it out on our own. Only by bringing these matters to the heart of God are we able to find true justice for all.

Catherine Nagle ~ Imprinted Wisdom 






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Perhaps the only way to

Perhaps the only way to approach this, after praying for daily wisdom and insight, is to deal with whatever and whoever is in our own path. Gerard W Hughes maintains that,if one is truly seeking, all roads lead to God. We must trust to the ripple effect and some of that will be far-reaching.

Of course, there are those (many of them) out to take a free ride on Christians, and to a certain extent we have to allow that and know that it isn't wasted.

Entrust it all and know that you are not alone, Catherine.

God Bless,


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Yes, Rosy, Entrust it all!

When we trust others, we are trusting in the support of the unseen God never failing... Our ground we walk on is secure. This too is showing the greatest love to another and is felt by them. While even just to think of what deception is? It can only be related to those who “trust not” with compassion. From those who trust God, know that our maker doesn’t deceive us, whatever may turn - with hearing true justice in God’s laws that speaks to our hearts, which other laws cannot hide behind.

(Excerpt from, Imprinted Wisdom)

Thank you, Rosy.  I truly appreciate your comments and sharing your blessed wisdom. You are absolutely right! Nothing is lost while we are the servants of Gods. :-) Entrust it all!