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Well, I'm not really a professional writer, yet.
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"How vain it is to sit down to write if you have not stood up to live." - Henry David Thoreau  


As I sat in the dentist chair having my annual cleaning, the new hygienist overheard from others in the office that I was writing a book.  And she asked me, “What's the book about?”  Before I began sharing what I'm writing, I said, “Well, I’m not really a professional writer.” Then shortly after I responded, thoughts ran through my mind with why even I said that?  


The truth is that I am not a professional writer.  I was a professional hair stylist for 25 years, and I've earned that degree through education, practice, and years of servitude.  And I have been writing for less than two years with no more education in writing skills other than I had in high school!  How can I say that I am a writer is what my heart said to me.  I believe our hearts tell us these things by the nudges we feel, it speaks the truth to us and leads us on the right path; the way of fulfillment.  


Through practice, we can become a writer, a hairstylist, or whatever we set our hearts on. However, we have to put in that time and study.  Which is truly what the professional writers have done is the nudge that I felt while sitting in the chair.


Although I am not a writer by profession, the fact is that I am longing to tell my story.  And I will need a professional editor who will help me rearrange the words in my story in the proper grammar and alignment that unveils the true thought intended.   Something, (this may sound silly) like the way I rearrange the hair on other people's head, to bend, shape, or curl in the creative flow that unveils the beauty that is there.  In the same way, a professional writer requires the service of the hairstylist, even though they may well be able to do their own hair. Even so, it still doesn’t give them the license to practice on anyone other than themselves. Maybe this is the truth with writing to me.  Without some degree in education, why would we be expecting to do it correctly alone?


I've come to these facts about writing, even more so, after spending time on the Red Room.  I have met some of the finest, talented, creative writers around the world, professionally and personable.  Yes, most of us can write the words down, just the same as most of us can do our own hair.  And even though there are some who are naturally gifted in their talents, it is only right when we hear the truth that we give our highest regard for the earned profession with gratitude that they deserve.  Moreover, we are here to honor their years of study for the professionals they’ve become, and the service they can provide for others.  Regardless of what profession we have studied, we both earned the degrees and have become the professionals in that area. 


I have a story to tell that requires the help and support of an editor with degrees to increase my possibilities to publish a worthy story to be read.  Otherwise, I need an extended education. Since, I’m not really a professional writer, yet.



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Mark Twain wasn't really a writer. Yet he became the single most influential writer in America. Writing involves finding your voice and learning how to use it. Okay an editor you need, but no one can write for you. There are probably many people who disagree with me about this, but they are entitled to their opinion. You may need a professional to help you find a style that suits you. I can't wait to see what you write...my interest has been piqued

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Well Catherine, you sure sound like one! All the best and good luck, Mary P.

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Go, Catherine!

Catherine, you can do this. You need to do it for yourself. Only you can translate your experiences into words. Find an appropriate course, perhaps a mentor, and set yourself goals. Your writing has such intrinsic clarity, I know you can become a publishable writer, perhaps a lot soon than you think if you truly apply yourself. Of course, the current state of the publishing industry isn't on your side, or any author's at the moment, but platforms like Redroom allow you to share content with the world and try things out. You actually don't even need to attract too many comments. Just posting your work will activate your own critical faculty once you've learned the knack.

Finally, I'm sure many Redroomers would agree that they'd like your voice to be widely heard. You won't be doing this in your own strength, so allow yourself to rise to this challenge prayerfully and unfold that communicator inside you.

Love and God bless,


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Your loving comments.




Thank you, Joshua, Mary, and Rosy, for your kindest words that truly support me and encourage me in writing, even more! I am blessed to have an amazing editor whom I met here in the Red Room, which I will work with very soon, once I finish my draft. I am overwhelmed reading all the wonderful stories that everyone writes, and saddened that some haven’t been published due to the business, and I imagine, the large volume of writers.

That it dawned on me, that perhaps the professional writers may be able to use their skill and talent more frequently, if more story tellers turned  to them to write and or edit their work? (Is probably the whisper in my ear while sitting in the Dentist chair that day.) That I began to think that even though it may not be affordable to some of us, but to know that the result  would be more beneficial for the chance to get published when having a professional writer/editor working with them. And in the overall, several people will benefit with work from this joint effort, rather than doing it alone.

What I was referring to, seems to be that a lot of writers have the proper skills and education background that gives them the confidence  to write their own story, as you have.   And for some reason, or other, I didn’t feel the right to call myself a professional writer to the hygienist, now that I know the difference.  I feel that it is proper to address myself as writing my story. And if (by God), I can write in such a way to bring the story to life to my editor, I stand the greatest chance that my story will be published.

Even those who have taken courses in writing and have exceptional skills and degrees; I have taken notice that they, too, have mentors, writers, and editors, help them along. So, how much more so that I would need their professional help here.

Talk about serendipities: Shortly after I put this blog in, my husband and thirteen-year-old son were waiting patiently for me to finish writing, to give them a hair cut.  Both haircuts turned out pretty nice. Everyone was happy, and that's what matters the most.  And as I was cutting their hair with precision, I realized how easy it is for me to cut and style, sort of second nature. Now that I have learned the skill to do this, I can start anew, and write, write, write, until I feel my senses are full and well pleased.  As it seems that regardless of how skillful at something, others may value and notice the brilliance in it, before we ever feel it in ourselves.






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Good for you Catherine. Good

Good for you Catherine. Good luck and all the best with your talent. Mp

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The pleasure 'you' bring to the Red Room!

Thank you, Mary, for always taking that extra leap of kindness with your loving and supportive comments.  Not just for me, but for everyone here in the Red Room. Your writing is a pleasure that I look forward to each day!

I don't always comment (partly due to a timely discernment) but I read them daily. You're a large part of the joy on Red Room.  Truly!:-)



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Catherine, my god, I am so

Catherine, my god, I am so touched by your response. You have no idea how much this means to me. All the very best, Mp

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Let Love! : )

Sing Your song. Write your story! Open to all possibilities, sources and resources, expected and unexpected. Let go of attachment to form, outcome and expectations. Detach totally and know all is unfolding perfectly now, better than the mortal mind can imagine or comprehend. Know what Your heart knows is indeed True.

You Are an Expression of Love and You Are more powerful than You realize. You Are already a writer. Degrees and titles don't make you Who You Really Are. Many of us already read and appreciate Your writings on various platforms. Open to limitless paths and ways to express Your Greatest Love. Follow Your Passion, let go and let your Longing to tell your story!

There are infinite opportunities for You to tell Your story. You can consider BEing interviewed on blog radio, creating your own blog, creating Your own website, creating Your own newsletter, writing in magazines, e-zines, etc.. Contribute to others' media. Share on webinars, teleseminars, videos, and various social media, including internet outlets. Keep giving and allow miracles. Keep doing what You are doing and let go of doubts and fear. Know that the Universe always supports You in Divine Right Order. You always express Love. Love will bring You more of what is Best for all concerned.

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Bless You

Wow... I hope you know how much this means to me!



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Know All IS Alright!

WOW! Wholenesss Oneness Wellness! Thank You, Catherine! :) I hope You know how valuable You Are to me. I see Your value. Others do too! The Best You can give in Your expression (no matter where or how) IS Who You Really Are! Let a Higher Creative Source take care of the details as You focus on your Heart's yearnings.

In whatever form You express Your Authentic Self, You Are always of Great Value! ;)

Know all IS Well and All is alright when using the mind right and BEing open-minded, allowing the Best to BE orchestrated by the Highest Power/Intelligence of the UNIverse.

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To Evelyn Fazio, Peggy Cartwright, and Lauren Baratz-Logsted:

If not for your remarkable skills in writing and editing, Imprinted Wisdom would not be possible. Thank you for hearing my message and encouraging me to use my voice and share my story.

My intention of writing a book was to be of compassion and support to even one suffering soul. And I’m honored with these beautiful, thoughtful, incredible, reviews with an inner sensation of euphoria spilling over. So I’m basking in all my senses with Imprinted Wisdom’s five-star reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Balboa Press - In addition to the "Likes." Thank you just isn’t enough. My hope is that you feel my heart’s gratitude, with love.