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O' Christmas Ornaments!
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O' Christmas Ornaments!

During the holidays, I am such a traditionalist and programmed into doing the same thing year after year.  Rarely, do I see something outstanding that moves me to change or add to my collection of ornaments inside or outside of our house. This year is an exceptional one.  My husband and I decided to buy an outdoor Nativity silhouette, as our gift to one another.  Which, I'm sure will startle everyone!  My grown-up daughter, for one, who makes a note to me that I could just as easily put a large plastic bag over my Christmas tree, because its trimmed exactly the same every year! 

However, it is the same old; it is in seeing and touching that secretly brings the magic to life that calls me. Whenever I take the ornaments out of the storage boxes - and before putting them on the Christmas tree - I pause for a second and reflect on the past seasons of Joy gone by.  I smile, and tears fill my eyes.  Nonetheless, I feel the special effects of being in reach with my loved ones through these ornaments. There’s a story with each one. 

I have my children’s first through sixth-grade holiday ornaments (some are photos) that were handmade in elementary school that still hangs on the tree every year. They bring back the laughter and silliness from their childhood years of innocence, and into their mature know-it-all personalities of today. My daughter’s 1976 silver speckled White Christmas ball, and my son’s 1999 Frosty the Snowman with his face peering under the magic top hat, are among my cherished favorites.  They have become the dreams of a whiter and brighter Christmas 'brought to life' in our home, without the snow. 

And then, there are certain ones that are unforgettable like the airplane ornament – Hallmark 1982, The Spirit of Christmas.  Which, I painstakingly bought the first year when my husband and I started to date.  I was living on my own, and my funds were just making both ends meet.  I can remember all too well where the gift store in the mall was located when I purchased it, with the price tag of twenty-five dollars, and the thrill of stretching enough money to buy it! The spirit of love soars above, and beyond each year when I hang it on the tree.  It reminds me, of how we stayed together, through thick and thin and on or off the ground, for all this time! 

I also hold dear, the holiday ornaments that were given to me by my friends and peers at work over twenty-five years ago. I still catch a glimpse of their certain smiles that shone from Holly Jolly giving and receiving, reflecting back, like it was only yesterday. Most all the ornaments that hang on my Christmas tree have a face, a story, and a life that affections mine with love.

In addition, to shop for those very special Christmas presents:  I also buy practically the same old 'new' gifts for everyone, as well.  It’s uncommon that I find a unique gift that brings a surprise to anyone.  Everyone would be just as shocked, if I did!  I usually buy gifts that I would enjoy receiving myself.  I love buying classy Christmas ornaments, along with a book, or a holiday CD, or scented candles.  I feel that these types of gifts are small tokens to treasure.  I make a wish each year when they're brought to again, or hung on the tree, or simply touched, read, or moved by the music with candlelight, that we all remember the magic.  Since, they truly reflect the fondest loving memories through each of them.   Especially, with our newest outdoor Nativity; to follow the Star of Wonder back home.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Follow the Star.








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After reading your  blog, I'm  going  "way out on a limb"  to speculate that you also are a fan of the song "Tradition" from  the musical  FIDDLER ON THE ROOF:

"Because of our traditions, we've kept our balance for many, many years."

"Because of our traditions, everyone knows who he is and what God expects him to do."

The doctor is IN:    The  diagnosis of your condition is POSITIVE, and the prognosis, based on the symptoms you've described above,  is NO HOPE FOR RECOVERY.  You'll just have to resign yourself to your  inexorable fate!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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No Hope For Recoverey

Hi Brenden,

I'm "always" complimented with you positive support, and humor!  When will we learn?  I guess the same way, when we grow up, which I'm still learning to do, to keep my balance:-)

Funny thing, being as it is so rare that we add to our collection of Christmas ornaments, in our middle sixties, (instead of sliming down.)  Now, that we finally have the Nativity sitting on our front lawn, 12 feet straight outside our door. My husbands childish wonder, arises each morning, opens the door, (regardless of the outside cold) and greets the Nativity with his pleasant baritone silly voice "Hello Baby Jesus!"  That he makes the whole-house  full with Joy.

I'm sure having a late in a life child given to us, helps; as he has certainly kept our childlike of the manner required... "towing the line!"

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

Thank you for bringing " Tradition" in the most POSITIVE fate :-)