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Recognition of Each Other

Recognition of Each Other

 Anyone who knows the word of God and has heard that voice inside them has been changed. Most people do not see or hear this change that has taken root after much weeding and planting, but those who do have also been similarly changed by God. And all of these changed individuals recognize this difference in one another, as it cannot be hidden or contained, for it is constantly expanding. It is forever moving us to a greater awareness of love’s increasing presence. Nothing can stop it; it is stronger than anything in the universe. It heals, blesses, and prospers everything it sees and touches, and we are one with it. It is our choice to accept this Gift.

We are no longer blinded by the outer forms we see before us. We have Someone who is with us at all times, who guides us, who knows how special we are, who wants to give us more than we have ever known before, whose only concern is to see us follow our hearts’ longings, and who knows our hearts, minds, and souls better than we know them ourselves. We have Someone inside us who knows how much every person means to us, who understands our mistakes, who forgives us, and who gives us countless chances to do it over until we get it right. He surrounds us with angels and guides us along, breathes the breath of life into us, and is the eternal presence of Love.  

I used to ask myself, “Who am I to see and hear this?” And the answer came to me: you are seeing as those who are walking the same path as you, because you choose to see the holiness through His eyes that they see, too. You choose to hear holiness through His ears that they hear, too, and to hear the beating of the One heart that sustains us all. In thought then, we must be enlightened.

I wanted to share my excitement with a spirit-to-spirit connection, but found that no one, not even those closest to me, wanted to talk about these ideas. I learned to be quiet about my spiritual discoveries and connections, getting the distinct message that this was something not to be discussed with anyone else, and that I should keep my knowingness of the God within as something private and personal to be held in the depths of my soul. 


But then things began to change, and I started hearing about people connecting to God in the news media, on television, and in books. It was exciting to find that others knew about this way of connecting with God...and were sharing it! I prayed to God to show me whether I should share what I knew with those closest to me or to keep silent. I see now that these people didn't understand that they were lost because only those who have gone through this transformation can recognize it in someone else. In my heart, I knew that if the right time came to share, it would be best to leave it up to God. Until then, I wait in the love and whispers in my heart, mind, and soul.



Excerpt from  Imprinted Wisdom ~ Catherine Nagle


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What a great blog!!!

Dear,Dear Catherine,

This blog was so meaningful! I think that the time is approaching that more and more people are beginning to see the light...and it certainly helps that a writer as yourself shares her personal journey of faith. And it certainly is a journey. But the rewards are so great because the promise of everlasting life >>> doesn't get any better! You are so right about being hesitant at times to share the experience. I often think that if Joan of Arc were alive today and shared her revelations from God, she would be committed to the local crisis center. We are so advanced today in many ways, and yet so backwards in the understanding of hearing the voice of God. For some audible while for others visual displays, reality programming by the founder.
Please, please keep us Red Roomers posted on the progress of your book. You know that my family and I will be at one of your book signings ... with bells on! Can't wait!
Happy to know you!
Mary Walsh