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Fit and Well-Being Exercise....before going to the gym.

I have found there are some who may have a misunderstanding in the balance and purpose of physical exercise for fit and well-being.  Since there are some obsessed with working out in a gym.  That only feel let down later in life from other unmet needs that physical exercises alone are sought to bring.


In my opinion, the seemingly small pressures of have-to-dos around the home, family, or at work can have a significant amount of motion and energy in them.  They can give rise to a feeling of well-being, even before we get to the gym.  This practice may bring the balance sooner that is needed.  And it is one that continuously moves along with us throughout our entire lives.


When I was a young teenager and would walk past some of the trinkets or toys on the living room floor, my mother taught me to be grateful for the opportunity to bend over and pick these things up!  She reminded us that each time we bent over; we were building up our stomach muscles, while helping to keep our waistlines trim and our house in good order.  This was just one of the many opportunities (as she called them) for us to stay in the movement of motion for a fit body.  She was a beautiful, joyful, young-looking woman at sixty-years-old, weighing only 145 pounds, even after giving birth to 18 children!


Most of the time, there's not enough hours during the day to get to a gym after meeting some of my responsibilities.  And it is only in recalling my mother’s wisdom that makes me feel better. By realizing the accomplishment of the actions performed; I feel a sense of pride in doing them.  It was through the way she gave value and greater importance to some of the simplest task; as the good works of being a wife and mother carry along with it. It seems our society today have forgotten is at our finger tips.


When I can’t find time to get to a gym because of my active lifestyle, I’m grateful for other forms of exercise besides my daily chores.  I take a pleasant walk or bike ride.


I truly feel that most of us can get a head start to the gym through our simple duties with home, family, or at work.  I have found my mother's secrets have been beneficial for the whole family.  Besides a fit body, I feel more balance through mind and spirit before getting to the gym.


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Very true Catherine. I can

Very true Catherine. I can attest to that!

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Working out with You.

As you well know, Mary!  Thank You for stopping by. I always appreciate your lovely comments. Truly, Catherine

"How's my upcoming Novel coming along?" Slowly, but surely, like honey being poured from a spoon.  

Thank you again, Mary. :-)

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Slowly Catherine, like honey

Slowly Catherine, like honey being poured from a spoon..........sob, sob. M