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Consideration: An Opinion Obtained by Reflection

Choices Have Consequences

I think that consideration is a most important and valuable virtue that brings us further along the path of abundance on our journey more than any other virtue in the world.  


When we give careful consideration to things, we are taking full responsibility to what may result in either a benefit or a loss falling upon us and the other.  In consideration, we leave no one out of our decision making, while holding on to their importance and value.  Meanwhile, these choices give us and others a healthy and secure sense of stability, belonging, and togetherness.    


When we contemplate all things, we bring about His choices to preview the whole picture we might not otherwise notice before taking careful consideration of a particular situation. This is holy communion that will have the most beneficial results for everyone in the end.


In consideration, we not only give importance to everyone; we look at every association more intelligently with clarity that usually unveils any problems that may lay hidden underneath. We respond differently than we would have. We respond with understanding and love.


Consider your choices deeply, and be glad that your opinion was obtained by reflection.  As, all will be fulfilled even when others do not consider. For in the end, it is only God who will favor the consequences with peace and tranquility. 


"Every thought you produce, anything you say, any action you do, it bears your signature." ~ Thich Nhat Hanh


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''be glad that your opinion

''be glad that your opinion was obtained by reflection''...Catherine, you touched me with this sentence because it is how I try to live my life. Thank you for the affirmation. As always, best, m

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Hello Mary,

Thank you very much. I am glad that you enjoyed and were touched by these words: "be glad that your opinion was obtained by reflection.'' I have to recall, as well!:-)


Catherine Nagle

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I like this definition along

I like this definition along with your interpretation.

Consideration: An Opinion Obtained by Reflection. Good post.


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Catherine, I enjoyed your

I enjoyed your personal account very much. I too find my way through reflection. Consideration also takes time and effort, which is well worth the peace inside at knowing one has gone about such careful examination.

"We are fulfilled even when others (at times) do not consider us." Yes, so true. And I think by careful consideration and reflection, it is bound to touch others and perhaps influence them to do the same.

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Dear Rebbecca....

I apologize for not responding to your comment. Talk about consideration?! I just noticed it this morning, while inserting the beautiful quote by 'Thomas Merton.' Your lovely comment slipped by me. I'm sorry.;-)

Rebbecca... you are so right: Consideration does take time and effort, which is well worth the peace in every way.  Sadly; one wonders the mysteries of the veils (?)

Thank you very much for responding. I 'sincerely' appreciate your voice.