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A Timely Source of Grace
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One quite serene day in February, my mother reflected a void of disappointment to me. That none of her 17 children were born in this short and quiet month. And, she reasoned it with passing by this month as somewhat barren, with no real occasion to celebrate a single birthday in our family.


All the while, something so sad and life changing happened to all of us on the 4th day of February. I believe she parted from us this month manifesting the true miracle of rebirth, of crossing over to the other side and becoming so much more, which left me with a meaning and a purpose, before it all made sense.  


After years of spirited reflections, February has turned out to be an abundant month of blessings for me. Just to name a few: My son was accepted into Lehigh University. My husband’s company is sending us to, all-expense-paid, vacation to Jamaica. And, Imprinted Wisdom has been published! 


This is no coincidence that February is the birth month of Imprinted Wisdom. Since, it’s saturated with powerful principles that both parents impressed upon me. Their devout morals have instilled me with a feeling of well-being of the wonderful reasons for celebrating life. This is a special day of gratitude of the richest blessings to share around the world.  


You can read all about them in Imprinted Wisdom! You can even try out some of these simple blessings for yourself. I promise they’re guaranteed to work miracles in your life. They certainly have for me.


It’s Imprinted Wisdom that echoes in every one of us, a timely source of grace.



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Congrats on so many wonderful

Congrats on so many wonderful things occuring in February!

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Tears of joy!

Hi Jodi,

Yes, I have tears of joy and gratitude for you and all those who encouraged me.  Thank you so much for keeping an open place in the Red Room for me. This is where it really all began to take hold for me. :-)


Catherine XO 


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You'll have to let me know if

You'll have to let me know if you have any book events locally. I believe we live near each other. My son did his grad work at Lehigh, by the way. Sending best wishes for success!

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I sure will!

I would love to meet you. It's great to hear about your son attending Lehigh, as well. It's a beautful university, isn't it? Please message me your email. I would be thrilled for you to come to a book event. 

Thanks for all the wishes!



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Thanks for sharing your joy and blessings

Sending my best wishes for many more to come.



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February's joy and blessings

Thank you so much for taking time, reading me, and sharing my joy!  I am doing my best to hold on to February's blessing for the rest of my wishes comes true.  




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Love it!


Wonderful news! I grew up in Allentown and know Lehigh well! Great school! Congrats on the vacation and will be checking out your book! Congrats! You go girl! Best wishes!

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Hi Bernadette,

So glad to know we're neighbors! I love all your writings, Bernadette. I've been a little busier than usual lately to comment, but things are pretty much in order now.

Thanks for the good wishes and of sending us cheers to Jamaica. 

I truly appreciate you taking time and reading me. And, hope you enjoy my book. 

My best to you!