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The Master Plan of Becoming a Pumpkin

The Master Plan of Becoming a Pumpkin

My purpose in life is

To become a pumpkin!

I am placed in the richest soil,

The best location,

Where the sun and the rain,

Allows me to grow.

I am nurture with love,

All of the necessary nutrients

To keep me healthy

Protect me from harm

As I , grow!

My leaves begin to sprout

My vine is extending

Then it happen I start to bloom..,

Such beautiful blooms everywhere,

Yet there is still work to be done!

This is my life!

I have done all of the right things

to grow.., I am still growing!


My beautiful flower is filled with nectar ,

Yet I yearn to be pollinated,

To become a beautiful fruit.., until then,

I am unfulfilled.

Then along comes a honeybee,

Which is a part of the Master's Plan

To help complete the process,

Transferring the necessary pollen

To the nectar in my flower ,

Thereby pollinating my fruit

Again..., I grow!

And you, my friend, are a part

Of my master plan, Fulfilling my loving needs,

As I fulfill your needs for love,

Completing us ,

The Master Plan,

The reason for my seed,

The purpose of the honey bee ,

Are all there, So much love, to fulfill our need ,

And bring forth a beautiful fruit in this life ,

A pumpkin!