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Lincoln, Nebraska
Nov 2008

I write what they used to call "literature." It's not experimental stuff, it is solid story telling, wolf-versus-man stuff. After receiving a writing degree from the University of New Mexico, I fancied myself a "real" writer, and went to work destroying most of the major genres. Ten years later, I found myself writing lengthy unpublished novels about race tracks. It could be a phase, but I see something almost ninja like in those small guys who ride the big horses in a potentially corrupt or corruptible world. Whether or not the "jockey books" ever get published, I've learned what it's like to chose the odd path, break from the pack and go my own way. In a year or so, I might hit on the world of underground spelunkers, or auto mechanics, but for now, I am happy writing what I write, and I invite you to read my blog and excerpts and get to know my world.  

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Writing, painting, animals, the outdoors