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Madame Marchand is, everyone agrees, a timeless, ageless beauty. There are many rumors, but no one really knows how she does it. I've been picked to find out. The party is in full swing downstairs. I've sneaked up the back staircase and am about to enter her room. My hand lightly touching the...
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My original title for this post was 'Ruminations From the Parent of a TechnoKid'. Awful title - glad I changed it. The 'TechnoKid', or L, is my preteen. She's been asking for Facebook and Twitter since before she was 'double dij'. That's right - double digits. She spent the whole day dancing...
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The mirror never lies. Every line and wrinkle; each tiny, barely visible fault is mercilessly and exactly reproduced in the reflection. It's enough to drive a person to insanity. Janelle never faced the mirror straight on. Rather she approached it from the side, sliding herself into view. She...
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