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Sacramento, Ca.
Sep 2010

I’m a techie. More than that, I’m a techie mom.

I’ve worked in Silicon Valley startups, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies; experiences that give me a unique perspective of the technology industry, the egos that inhabit and drive it, and the behind-the-scenes battles that most never see.

When my daughter was a preteen, I wanted to share my knowledge with her in such a way that it would be entertaining to read. Things quickly got out of hand, and well… she can always read my work when she grows up.


I read a large variety of literary and genre fiction. Romance, fantasy, sci-fi, thrillers, mystery, suspense, YA - just about everything. Of course the influence of classic romantic suspense is apparent in my debut novel. However the romantic scenes are more sexual than traditional romantic suspense; though not as explicit as in some of the other categories of romance. Undoubtedly influenced by thrillers that I've read, the scenes of conflict are also more violent than classic romantic suspense; though not overtly gory. Lastly my love of the fantasy genre has influenced the way that I use multiple points of view.

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