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Better Than Ice Cream
Lavender Ice Cream

I'm excited to have my next book coming out with Book Publishing Company, one of the leading vegan cookbook publishers. The working title of the cookbook is:

Better Than Ice Cream: Over 150 Irresistible Frozen Treats--Totally Nondairy and Vegan

It will be the first comprehensive cookbook of frozen desserts that can be made without dairy, eggs, or other animal products. I've included traditional favorites like Vanilla, Chocolate, and Mint Chip, as well as gourmet flavores such as Lemon-Thyme, Lavender, Lemongrass, and Chcolate Chai. The book also includes a selection of ice cream desserts including sundaies, sandwiches, cakes, pies terrines, and beverages like slushies, shakes, floats and more.

It all goes well it will be out in spring, 2009--just in time to make ice cream all summer.

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sounds good...

I look forward to this...  and spring is, indeed, a great time for a release of a book like that.  Good (gustatory) times and good (marketing) timing!

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Yup -- can't wait for ice cream weather!