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Howdy you lot,

Been a busy few days down here in the land of sunshine and paddling pools.

My attempts to watch the Obama inauguration this morning were thwarted by my need for sleep. I found that most annoying, and I also found the coverage by TV3 disappointing.

Yesterday we left home about nine thirty in the morning to run errands before Squealers psych appointment at one.
We even managed to fit in lunch and a play at Avalon Park. (It sounds way more exciting than it is. Although Breezy made a new friend.)

Upon arriving at the hospital I took the opportunity to go see our Pediatric specialist about the updating of Squealers disability allowance and medical review. Simple enough. As we've only seen Michelle twice, (she's new, our specialist recently retired!)  I wrote a letter to accompany the form... she just had to fill it out and sign it. Well, that would be simple if indeed she still worked at the hospital! She's gone to have a child. I was also told not to keep Squealers next appointment in Feb as there is no replacement for her case load yet. Fucn wonderful!!
The receptionist did some asking about and she thinks our GP can handle the forms, as it's not a new thing just a review!
I'll be talking to him tomorrow and also discussing who will be taking over Squealers care. As it is she hasn't been seen by a specialist for six months which is three months too long. And I just thought Michelle was hopeless... turns out she was pregnant as well.

While we were there I suggested Chris take Breezy over to the emergency department and get her leg looked at, four days of limping is four days too many for a three year old.
So I took Squealer to psych (seemed the smartest thing to do, as I'm the one who looks after her and is with her all the time.) and he took Breezy over to ED.

An hour later we met them over there.

Psych went well. We're getting a lovely letter for the school instructing them on how to teach Squealer and how to support her. One foot out of line this year and that fucn school will have the full weight of the board of health and the board of education stomping all over them. I am done with their bullshit. I'm tired of thinly veiled threats about how much time my sick child has off school... and stupid teachers who refuse to implement strategies to teach, support, and provide a safe place for my child. Not to mention teachers who lie about what they have done... which we eventually find out, and discover what they really did. None of which was helpful and every single action made Squealers life harder.
Fuck em all. This year they have to deal with me and a full psych team. Finally Squealer has some big guns on her side.

Maybe her hiding her meds etc was a good thing in the end, as it sure got her serious help and fast.

So yep, psych went well. We have some strategies for Squealer - to help her show me what her day is like. A graphic diary. She's going to draw about her day after school, and if she feels like it, she can write a story on the back. Shes even allowed to make up a character.
Meanwhile, I'm researching techniques for socializing Aspergers kids.  She was starting to trust and make friends... and due to last year she's now withdrawn almost completely. A lot of that has to do with her being bullied, which was perpetuated by her teacher. She won't talk to kids or adults she doesn't know - not even when they speak to her. She won't even make eye contact in those situations.

Aspergers kids ... They find it hard to distinguish voice tones and so may not realize when someone is joking or being sarcastic and will take what they say very seriously even if it wasn’t meant in a nasty way.

...They don’t like change and even a small change in their routine can really upset them. This can make it difficult for an Aspergers child to start school and when returned to school after school holidays may be difficult for them. (Imagine what it must've been like for her to discover her desk moved every fucn Monday morning and not know where she sat??)

The tone of their voice is often flat and spoken with just one tone and doesn’t show much emotion. (That's true but only at school - Squealer started using a tiny tiny flat voice, no one could understand her at school... and the teacher was ridiculing her because of it)

They will often be un-coordinated and will sometimes have an awkward walk or run. (she would get hurt in PE and made to skip etc when had huge bruises on her inner knees. Came home with grazes down her back from a 'game' on grass!!! not to mention be teased because she wouldn't join in with games... grrrrr )

So... moving right along. Because the crap she put up with last year pisses me off.

Breezy ended up having two sets of x-rays. They were trying to determine if she'd broken anything in her leg or hip... jury is still out. They think its a soft tissue injury... but as the ED doc said after chatting with the ortho doc... it is hard to tell in toddlers. So if she's still limping on Friday or Sat they want to take more films.
She's still limping today. So it's not looking good for a ED free weekend. (Plus she fell on that leg again today)

Regardless of the leg, she's been over next door all afternoon playing in the paddling pool. Its not slowing her down much but she admitted yesterday to it being sore, and she said the same today. Then promptly got on with it. Our Breezy isn't one to be complaining, least she miss out on something fun!

Oh, she got a certificate from the ED for Bravery. - She was so pleased!! But she asked why she got it, and then said, "but I just had some pictures taken of my bones." then quietly said she didn't like the noise of the xray machine.
That's my girl!

Four hours spent in the ED. Ahh what joy. At least Breezy was beautifully behaved and only twice did she ask to go home, and I managed to fob her off...

NG commented that he's having trouble putting Killerbyte down. That's good to hear. LOL. He only had about 50 pages to go this afternoon. But we spent all afternoon outside watching the kids in the pool.

I manged to whip up a sweatshirt this morning. Made one last night too. I needed a pale blue one to go with my super cool tie-dyed French Navy jeans. and found some yellowy orange sweatshirting... so obviously I needed one in that color too.