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Perfecting stalking skills...

Admittedly it's often easier to ask a person for their number than try and find it yourself. Especially these days with so many opting for confidential numbers etc. (And for good reason... have you met me? lol)

Every now and then I like to pick a person and find out as much as I can by myself.

Because I can and because it's fun... and it's one of those things that can be damned handy.  (Finding people was one of my PI papers a few years ago, I was an 'A' student.)

There are people out there who make that very easy. There are people that make it bloody hard. I've come across both and have walked away with phone numbers, address, high school attended etc etc. Usually it takes a few hours of trawling through public records, sometimes it takes longer - weeks longer. Tonight it took a quick flick through the phone book, a name book, and then oldfriends.com. Almost disappointing in the ease of which I uncovered information. Not everyone is hard to find.

I may try the phone number shortly. Pays to check it is who you think it is. LOL. In this case a text would be the way to go - because my name isn't Sue and should I forget what I'm doing I may not be able to trot out a false name that fast. I bow to the master of cunning when it comes to finding out who is on the end of the phone. (That would be Chrissy folks)

It is the battle barges birthday today.

Hubby text the old bat at 6:30 this morning - he reported back at lunch time that she failed to reply. The phone rang tonight - he rushed downstairs (probably to try and beat me to the phone least I make comment) but no, it was a friend of mine. Imagine that? She would've received her gift and card... and yet has failed to thank her only son. Well color me surprised. (yeah right!)
Of course he thinks she doesn't like her gift - it's a gift card, what's not to like??

I think she's just being a bitch. But am keeping my mouth shut - I said mouth, not fingers. My blog, I can write what I like!

Other than the fun of today - it fucn well rained - and hard, the minute we got to school to collect Squealer this afternoon. No coats, no umbrellas, didn't expect actual rain. Was pretty amusing - Breezy loves rain. She danced in the rain.

Squealer had a good day. She reflected as much in her drawing journal. Whew! It didn't look good to start with, but luckily improved quickly.

Now off to try this number. ha ha ha. I win. It was who I thought and now am having nice conversation via text while working... yes that's write working. This is just a pleasant interlude!

Ellie did something crazy stupid and now someone has to figure out how to get her back on track...  as I invented her, I guess it's me.