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New Interview!!!
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A marvelous new interview is up at Blazing Trailers with little ol' me.


That was me subtly telling you to get over there and read it!  :-)

 Go on.

You know you want to.




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Ok I did want to...you got me!

Man, I thought I was stronger than that. I attempted resisting and I failed. I found myself reading your interview, then watching the trailer...sheeesh....what is this? Keep pushing young lady, and ....I'll be after the cheesecake! :) Seriously Cat. It was well done. Very impressive. I hope others that see this go to have a look. Once employment comes back into my life, I'll definitely be acquiring your work. Thanks for the preview.


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Here's to finding employment

Here's to finding employment in short order!

Resistance is futile. I am borg. :-)

Thank you so much for reading my interview and for taking the time to watch our trailer -you can imagine how much fun that was to make!