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I'm such a slacker!
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It's been generally busy here.

 Since last time I blogged at Red Room - school has started for the year. Squealer is now at Intermediate School, wearing a uniform and everything. So far so good! 

Imagine my joy at having a teacher that cares - he actually follows up, doesn't just nod and smile and do nothing! It's very exciting for us all. So -school is on and it's going well.

The Boy Wonder starts University next month. Orientation week is looming and he's quite thrilled about the whole thing.

Over at my website you'll find a new short story for Valentines day. http://catconnor.blogspot.com/

Follow your nose once you click the link - there is a column on the right, and you'll find downloadable short stories on the list! - There are three free stories and two crosswords. Have at them - and have fun.

Newish blog over here :  http://catconnor.blogspot.com/  it's all about coolness.

Now for a cuppa and a lie down!!