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Harley's Ninth
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Harley Columba first appeared in Harley, Like a Person (Winslow, 2000/VOYA October 2000) where readers were introduced to her very difficult family life-her alcoholic stepfather, her apathetic mother, and her sweet but damaged siblings. Harley is sixteen years old in this sequel, and her life has changed dramatically. She is living with her biological father in New York, she has escaped the torment of her home life and the small town where everyone knows everything about everybody, and she is successfully pursuing her art. Harley still has her share of issues with which to deal. She is not sure where she stands with her father, and she might be pregnant. The bright spot is that Harley's artwork has been chosen for a grand gallery display that highlights a young artist each month, and this opportunity may win her the chance to visit Italy to display her art there. That is, of course, if she can make it to the gallery opening at all after blurting the news of her possible pregnancy to her boyfriend and leaving herself stranded. All this drama should lead to a third book, but one hopes that Bauer will not make readers wait another six years. Harley is a character to whom different kinds of teens can relate on many different levels. Harley's foibles are realistic, and although the story ends somewhat idyllically, it is thoroughly satisfying. This book is a great recommendation for teens who enjoy Joan Bauer's novels-but want a little more edge.