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   Our mind is split.    The split is unreal, and nothing unreal exists.  This "I", the one sitting here typing, appears separate from another "I".  This first part thinks it is autonomous.  The other part knows it is.  In these terms, the first part does not exist.  It will...
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We Who Dream of Scattered Things raves     by wewhodream posted 4 hours ago Self stretches, not in space, which has no meaning, but in terms of its own fulfillment, which does. It...
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...When Barack Obama's father came to visit (the last time our future president saw him), he gave the ten year-old boy a couple of African figurines and said, "They are only small things."  But I wonder what impact that had on young "Barry".  Not the objects, but the act of...
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A Walk on the Beach
Why I Hate Gigantic Stores, (a society of humanity) I work in a grocery store that was built during the mid 1980s. 15 aisles. We know many of the customers by name. It's what once was called a "neighborhood" store. There is a sense of community. Super-Wal...
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   Sheila knows how to be a dog, now.  I let her out this morning (to about an inch of snow) at around 3:30.  Got a cup of coffee, came back, and she was romping around the back yard, picking up an old bone and tossing it into the air.  I love to watch her play.  My little brown shadow.     My...
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THE INNER CHAMBER Are we adrift?  Is there no shore?  Is it true that we are the creation of infinite anger?  Do ancient words have power over us, or is it we who decide how to interpret?  How many ways to see the same teaching?There is “something” here.  It is felt so deeply that most of us are...
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   To live in or through history as it is being made, and to realize history is being made: The first African-American elected President of The United States; a brilliant man with a brilliant wife (whose own inner strength keeps him on an even keel); what does it feel like to experience historic...
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The next President of the United States
Every day, I drive past a big brick building.  Over its doors are these words: "ABRAHAM LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL."  Today is Barack Obama's 47th birthday, and I see in a hundred years high schools bearing his name.  I see historians publishing papers on his presidency, its achievements and...
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This is an exercise I like to do.  I have no idea what I am about to write.  Being spontaneous helps me loosen up.  I love to write.  When I was very young, I would feel the urge to express...and I would sit on the back porch with a ballpoint pen and some paper.  I would scribble, not yet knowing...
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I feel a change, and I'm not the only one. Here in the United States we have gone through a long period of a rather mean-spirited attitude, an over-emphasis on the individual, seeing others as a way to get something. We can see what this has brought to the world outside our windows. Even...
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Father, we stand to erase all differences, so that we are clear to receive your light. We stand and declare your reality, hands raised to the sky. Nightmares may storm the gates of our united hearts, but still we stand. We who dream shout no more for the pull of that which returns to dust...
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I believe we are in the early stages of worldwide peace. This belief began the first time I heard Barack Obama speak. I really don't remember exactly, but it might have been a report on his address at the Democratic convention. I was in another room, and heard his voice. I had no visions,...
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