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We Who Dream of Scattered Things
We Who Dream of Scattered Things raves     by wewhodream posted 4 hours ago Self stretches, not in space, which has no meaning, but in terms of its own fulfillment, which does. It spends one everlasting moment, not in time, which has no meaning, but in that same joyous fulfillment, which does.
Words cannot cover what Self is, but we are Self. We dream we are lost, scattered, separated, apart, yet we are one unlimited Self. Nothing can harm us. We are free to imagine terrible things that never could come true.
A dream, however wonderful or terrible, is still a dream. We who dream stand for illusions and never question their reality. We make simple images and call them a world. We are terrified, yet there is nothing to fear; we are dissociated, yet our true sight remains forever whole and perfectly clear.
We are love itself, without opposite; peace, without opposite. We could never really lose our way, only dream it so. We are not damned by a strange and strangely human god, standing aloof, apart from its feckless creation. No, we are blessed by our Whole and Holy Self. If we could just get over our ego-self, the concept of a separate self with a name and a tiny life in a world we think is outside us, we would awaken to our true state of being.
In fact, we have done so. Within the miracle of our creation, we had a thought of fear that lasted but an instant, for it is not our Creator's Will that we be afraid. What we think is a world with a linear timeline, warring with itself, seemingly separate from the nature that abounds, whose "happiness" is no more than our waiting for the other shoe to drop...this world was over in the same instant in which it seemed to happen. Everything we see then, is in the past.
Self creates wonders, its beautiful and perfect freedom dancing to a Song of the ages...Self is us, we are Self.  

This was written spontaneously, and is based on my understanding of A Course In Miracles, and the Seth books, by Jane Roberts.

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A Fellow Course in Miracles Student

Beautiful, Cary...Simply Beautiful!

Inspired;  Left without words. 

Thank you for very much for sharing. I will be sure to save this.

I studied,  and have been A Course in Miracles student since 1992. And, life is never the same. There's so much more, in the unseen!




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 Thank you, Catherine.  I think '92 is about the time I discovered ACIM too.  The more I study it, and practice what it teaches, the more convinced I am that it is real.  "Only perfect love exists."  I'm very glad to find here on Red Room a fellow ACIM student/teacher. (we're all students, and all teachers.)  

There is one teaching, and all teachings teach it.