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Only This

   I am still.  I do not know the thing that I am, yet I am still, and I know love.  The thing that I am is not really a thing, but we must use words, and words distort. 

   Let us speak of love, then.  Let us accept love as we know it, and go deeper, to find love as it really is.  Here in the stillness, where we no longer hide from one another, but recognize our unity, here we seek and find.  The love we seek has no opposite.  This might be hard to grasp, since the world we see is built on opposites.  We think this is balance.  But A Course In Miracles teaches we are too confused to recognize our own hope.  We do not know true balance when we see it, and we are constantly looking right at it.  There is One Who goes with us, and he does know.  The world we see is strange to him, because he knows it is not so.  I did not say he "believes" it is not so, I said he knows it is not so. 

   Since the world we see is unreal, and nothing unreal exists, then our only purpose must be to wake up and escape the world.  Forgive the world, overlook the world, release the world!  Three words that for our purposes, basically mean the same thing.  Let us try to go beyond words.  No, it is not hard to do.  How hard is it to walk through a bank of fog? 

   I walk during the day, and as I walk, I practice and experiment with different statements, then watch their effect on those around me (there is no one around me, but that will be for another essay.)  From ACIM:  "God wills [that I] be in Heaven, and nothing can keep [me] from it."  Then I remember that I invented the world I see.  An invention comes about when we perceive lack.  The light bulb was invented because people could no longer stand trying to read by candle light.  The world we see was invented to fill a perceived gap (lack) when we thought we had lost our Creator.  We made bodies because we needed something with which to perceive the world.  But there is no world. 

   Listen: There is not God plus Pearl Harbor; there is not God plus 9/11; There is not God plus my wife's brain injury; there is not God plus whatever happened to take my serenity away as a small child.  God did not create any of that, and so, none of that ever happened.  This is love as love is; love that cannot be pulled, as a rug, from under our feet; love whose giving is its receiving.  Love as love is knows we are not really here.  There is no here here.  We say "God is in everything I see."  Ego responds, "God is in a headache, a tornado, a plane crash?"  If God (love) is all there is, and we say God is in everything we see, then everything we see must be illusion.  If God is all, then no matter the appearance, we are constantly looking right at God.  God is All That Is.  Only this. 

     We are Home.