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Short Story
 The Intercession for Saddam A modern retelling of Genesis 18 and 19  by Carroll W. Boswell   Now it came about in those days that the Lord appeared to the President.  And they were standing together before the house of the President and they were looking to the east.  And the President said to himself, “Shall I hide from the Lord what I am about to do?  For He...
The crows learned new words today. They came at me telling me lies they couldn’t have told me yesterday, fluttering at first, but then stuttering on about some new color they'd seen for the first time. They say their eyes see more than mine. The crows learned new words and made dictionaries with bits of feather and straw. The scarecrows grew grim-faced with worry...
       My isolate, desolate, too late, be-late-for-all-time stance is what stopped me here. It was my hesitancy, the two-bitted axe of indeterminacy, that had my lawyer file for adjournment, change of venue, postponement, anything to put it all off to a later date. I cannot give you any more of a rendezvous than this: I'll show up; I'll show up late; I'll slide...