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Not going to try getting it published anymore

I have been working on an extended commentary to the Bible for about a decade now. It is a project that I have become somewhat obsessive compulsive about. Originally it was motivated by a lack of satisfaction with the commentaries I consulted when I went to look up other people's answers to questions I had. The commentaries seemed scholarly enough, lots of information, but they nearly always skirted what I wanted to think about or what I thought was puzzling. Now I realize this was deliberate on their part. Scholarly people are trained not to speculate, to carefully not go where the footing gets slippery. I can understand why they do that and respect it.

But I suspect there are others like me who don't want to stop where the scholars stop, who don't mind taking the risk of speculating a bit. I suppose also that as a trained mathematician, I naturally tend to extrapolate beyond what is written. In short I felt that I could write a commentary of sorts, really a dialogue that I was having with the Bible, and that my mathematician's way of doing it would make it different enough from other commentaries to be worthwhile for some to read. Originally I intended to submit it to some publishers and did submit it to three or four. I know it is rather wimpy of me to stop at only four, but in the process it occurred to me that maybe what I have written is essentially unpublishable. My last rejection letter said as much, and as I read their letter I realized they were probably right. I have no credentials in biblical studies, I have a rather diverse denominational background so I don't easily fit into a theological category, and the way I approach the material is probably not appealing to most people.

And by this time it is really long. It is six hundred pages, single spaced. Too long for most people to bother with. I am only up to writing about King David, about half way through the Old Testament, so at this rate, if I live long enough, the book will be a couple thousand pages long. Maybe it is too much of a good thing.

Or maybe not. I don't know. I still believe it has some value for some people. At any rate, I am publishing it a few pages at a time on another website: calebseye.wordpress.com if anyone who reads this wants to see what it is like. I hope there will be a few of you out there who find it helpful. If so, please let me know