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I have been working on an extended commentary to the Bible for about a decade now. It is a project that I have become somewhat obsessive compulsive about. Originally it was motivated by a lack of satisfaction with the commentaries I consulted when I went to look up other people's answers to...
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This morning we woke to a relatively mild day but now it is near zero, blizzarding and with a 20 mph wind. I have heard from a meteorologist friend that the earth's weather has a natural cyclic pattern that is seven days in length. They cycles are disrupted by chaotic events and so the cycles...
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Today I submitted my final grades for the semester in what may well be my last semester teaching at college. This is a sort of deja vu in that I have submitted my final grades in what might have been my last semester of teaching five or six times now and then after a period of unemployment got...
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Today I spent the entire time doing my least favorite activity, shopping. I have read nothing and hardly thought anything, but it was a good day. The snow came through last night, about four inches worth, and it is still early enough in the season that snow seems like a novelty. The shopping was...
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I really don't know what I am doing here, literally. I think I posted a poem just to try it out, but I am not really sure that I did.  I am also not sure what I expect. I have joined Red Room because apparently my last day of work occurred yesterday and I am likely to be in for at least six months...
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