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My First Time

This is momentous for me in a kind of small way, in that it's my first-ever blog. Normally, in a conversation, I wait to hear what the other(s) want to talk about, and then, maybe, I'll have my say. In fact, I'm a terrific listener and mostly quite interested to hear what 'you're' thinking about. I guess that is true of writers, for the most part. Many friends wonder if and when they are going to turn up in my books and it's true, some gesture or observation will eventually do so. The only person who has ever taken umbrage to this is my grandson. I had a lot of talking to do to get out of that one!

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Welcome to Red Room.  I found most good listeners I know are also very conversationists. They take the time to process what you are saying, form their own thoughts and think about how to convey them effectively instead of rushing to judgments.  Blogging, in a sense is like conversing to yourself. The process on putting words on paper(or a web page) somehow magically translates your own words into a third person perspective, thus provide a fresh point of view.

Renjie Wang