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#2 of Gobekli Tepe blogs

One of the stone engravings on the Gobekli Tepe site shows a pair of arms embracing a pillar, the hands coming together at the place where, if this were a human figure, would be the lower belly. The gesture is tender, familiar and also compositionally decorative. When I think that this was carved by a human artist some 12,000 years ago after some major cataclysm – speculations about worldwide floods, comet strikes, ice ages and more are all under consideration by scientists and historians – I am in awe of what this might mean about the history of my species. Perhaps the scenario we take for granted: that there has been a linear evolution of probably no more than 10,000 years, of ape-like beings gradually becoming upright, smarter and more civilized until reaching the apex of US, might be incorrect?

So there I am, looking at this photograph from Gobekli Tepe and thinking these thoughts when along comes this picture,  unsolicited and perfectly timed, of an Easter Island (Rapa Nui) head, except that the rest of the body has been excavated. The Rapa Nui heads, unbeknownst to me and probably most of us, have underground bodies and the bodies – or at least this particular one – have hands. And the hands…

Remind you of anything?

The mystery deepens. Stay tuned for more.