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Favorite Books

Nonfiction for laypersons in Cosmology, Complexity and Chaos, Science and Religion, Steady State Economics, Animal Behavior, Craft of Writing Fiction

Water For Elephants, The Hobbit

What I'm Reading

Plotnik's "Spunk and Bite"

Favorite Authors

Tolkein, James Doss, Ian Barbour, Will Durant, Garrison Keillor, Karen Armstrong, Wolo, L.Frank Baum


Out of a Silent Planet, Tolkein-The Hobbit, Anne McCaffrey-Dragonquest, the Oz books, Lewis Carroll, recently naturalist Colin Tudge, How Nature Works-Per Bak, The Gardens of Democracy-Liu and Hanauer. For the Common Good--Daly and Cobb, Thinking in Systems-Meadows, Anasazi America-Stuart