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Jan 2008

With a sword swallower as a father and a closet chanteuse for a mother, is it any wonder I became a writer?

I have just completed my second novel, THE SWORD SWALLOWER'S DAUGHTER, an up-market tale about becoming who you're meant to be in spite of the life you're given, and loving people beyond their fears, faults, or fetishes.

In addition to writing fiction, I am founder and moderator of #litchat, a reader/writer discussion operated entirely through Twitter.  

When not writing fiction and choosing interesting authors to chat with through #litchat, I travel widely and write about the incredible world in which we live.

I maintain two blogs, one for LITCHAT, the other one is my personal blog, OVATIONS.  

Across the years I’ve been assistant editor of a national music magazine (CCM), written magazine cover features, personality profiles, music reviews and food features.  I’ve had short fiction published in MetroFiction (February 12, 2012), The Rose & Thorn (Spring, 2007) and Breath & Shadow (October 2007). I am an active member of the Backspace writing community, where nearly a dozen of my short stories have placed within the top 3 in the Backspace Short Story Contests.

You can learn more about me and my writing on my website at: www.CarolynBurnsBass.com/fiction.

Upcoming Works

Sarah's Sacrifice by Carolyn Burns Bass

When ten-year-old Sarah Marshall donates her beloved doll to an organization that refurbishes used toys to distribute to needy families at Christmas, she learns that joy comes as much from giving as it does in receiving.

Sarah’s Sacrifice weaves the spirit of Santa Claus with the Christian nativity tradition. It’s a story about caring and sharing, blessing and believing for children and those who cherish the wonder of Christmas.

You can purchase Sarah’s Sacrifice for Kindle here.

You can order a printed copy of Sarah’s Sacrifice from Lulu here.



Still Life With Lovers by Carolyn Burns Bass

“It wasn’t like Gustave to storm out of the flat when Lisette opposed him. Usually Lisette would flee to Margot’s place, returning a few hours later to find Gustave sulking and sauced, but eager to make up… ”

A century-old diary of a young woman’s frustrated marriage and infatuation with a wild painter named Vincent Van Gogh, gives a contemporary Parisian woman new insights into her own marriage.

My short story, “Still Life With Lovers,” is available for digital reading from the vendors below.

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