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Book Signing at Borders, Cheshire Oaks


Caroline Rance will be signing her debut historical novel, Kill-Grief, at Borders Cheshire Oaks, on Saturday 15 August 2009 from 1pm.

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Mar.10.2010 - 2:26 pm
Bad reviews are every author's lot, but what is one to do upon receiving them? I mean - someone hates you! And they hate your whole family and your cute kitten whom you saved from...
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Aug.22.2009 - 5:28 am
One or two people have described my book as ‘gripping’ or mysterious. I’m not relating this in order to show off but because it’s about time I did a proper blog post about writing...
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Aug.18.2009 - 5:56 am
Just a couple of pics from my Borders Cheshire Oaks signing on 15 August, because although I don’t want to fill up my blog with me-sitting-gormlessly-in-a-shop photos, it is nice...
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Aug.08.2009 - 2:25 am
Originally posted on my blog at http://writingandallthat.wordpress.com/2009/08/07/the-modern-writing-day-a-beginners-guide/
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Comments from Caroline

Jul.14.2009 - 12:40 pm
In response to: Book signing - this weekend
Thanks Ryoma! I was looking at Gina's site the other day and was really impressed with how many signings she has got...
Jul.13.2009 - 3:13 pm
In response to: Heatwave London
Thanks for commenting, Andrew! I too have that fear of someone coming along to an event purely to announce that they...
Jul.03.2009 - 5:09 am
In response to: I'd love to be a writer
Thank you Louise - glad you liked it!
Jun.15.2009 - 4:35 am
In response to: It's not all it's cracked up to be, dear
Thanks for your comments, everyone - I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Good luck with the submissions, Sarah!...
May.08.2009 - 11:19 pm
In response to: Just Post It
Thanks for your kind comments, everyone!

Published Reviews

Kill-Grief by Caroline Rance
Published by WeRead
Caroline Rance’s debut novel is set in the mid-eighteenth century in the town of Chester. She evokes the squalor and depravity of the area from the outset and doesn’t spare our...