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San Francisco
Dec 2007

Caroline Paul grew up in Connecticut with a twin sister, a younger brother and a menagerie of animals. As a teen, she tried to set a Guinness world record for crawling, stopping after covering 81/2 miles on her hands and knees in the rain. As an adult she became a white water raft guide, a private pilot, and competed in the U.S. Nationals for the sport of Luge. She has seakayaked in Alaska, mountain biked in places like China and Vietnam, flown her paraglider in Brazil, and skied the backcountry of Denali and the Sierras. Most recently she learned to fly an ultralight.

Caroline graduated from Stanford University with plans to become documentary filmmaker.  Instead she fell into firefighting and eventually wrote Fighting Fire, a memoir of her time as a San Francisco firefighter. Fighting Fire went on to garner a large readership and critical acclaim. It was a Book of the Month Club selection, voted a Top Ten Summer Read by the Today Show, highlighted on the Rosie O'Donnell Show, and received HIGHEST HONORS from the Library Journal, which represents libraries around the country.

In 2006, Caroline published East Wind, Rain (HarperCollins) about the villagers of an isolated Hawaiian island whose lives are forever changed when a plane crashlands nearby and the pilot, who has just attacked Pearl Harbor, survives. "When it's over you don't want to leave," said the NY Times book review of this novel based on true events. East Wind, Rain hit number 6 on the San Francisco/Bay Area bestseller list. Caroline is a member of the Writer's Grotto and lives in San Francisco with ten solar panels, one laptop, countless back issues of the New Yorker, and two cats.

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