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When I had my last book reviewed in the Sunday Times,  I got about five congratulatory emails and calls. That was nice!  But when an article about resolutions appeared today in the NYT, with two paragraphs about my nail biting, I heard from THIRTY people.  So wait, does this mean my fingernails are...
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It happened again. A woman I genuinely like, who seems to genuinely like me, asks to read one of my novels.  Of course I give her the one with the best reviews, the best cover, the best everything, and I wait, hoping she will love it.  But two weeks later, she approaches me, my book in her hand and...
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This is from an email from Amy Tan--Jeff and I just signed our books (I drew a coffee cup with a fork and spoon and stars on mine) and sent them off. Dear Fellow Writers,Below is a plea from Ayelet Waldman for contributions to a fundraiser. No, you don't have to WRITE a book for Barack. We are...
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Sometimes, a cupcake is a sonnet.  Case in point...
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Names are important in novels.  They have to have the right fit, sound right, smell right, and be right.  Would a Diane kill her husband? Or would a David be more likely to? What about Estelle, would she really fall in love with Damien, or is it more likely that Neal would snag her attention?  I...
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I love starting a new novel. There is something so filled with hope, and purpose.  You've got the idea, it excites you. You want to know this amazing set of characters on a deeper level, and you haven't yet reached the terrors of the middle of the novel, when everything seems to be sinking in the...
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I am sitting here staring in wonder and joy at my book contract from Algonquin for my novel BREATHE.  OK, I admit it.  I was worried that even though they said they wanted the book, they might change their mind, that something would go wrong, that I would wake up and it would be a dream. But here...
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Right now, I'm juggling two new novels I've started, a screenplay, and waiting for edits from my editor for my 9th novel, which is now called BREATHE. (It was Traveling Angels.) I keep thinking there is something wrong about this, that I should just settle on one project and lose myself in it, but...
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Beginning a novel is really like being caught in a waking dream. I'm too far in to go back, but the road ahead of me seems littered with poisonous snakes and bugs the size of a Jupiter (plus, they hiss.) I have been whining and complaining to my husband who looks at me with great amusement and says...
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I've been reminded that I haven't been blogging here. Part of that is because I have another blog (http://carolineleavittville.blogspot.com/) but the other part is because I've SOLD MY 9th NOVEL!!! Yes, I'm celebrating, yes I am deliriously happy and excited, but I've also learned that I am...
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Rachel Cline
Rachel Cline's terrific novel, My Liar, explores the complex, thorny relationship between two women--a Hollywood film editor and a director. Like her fabulous debut, What To Keep, this novel is complex, gorgeously written and absolutely addictive. That's her, by the way, in the winsome photo. Isn't...
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Is it true? The Writers Strike may be over this week? And pint-sized politics Oh God, would this be FANTASTIC if the writers strike were over! I cannot wait, I cannot wait. I have all these ideas for scripts I want to do. But on the political front, yesterday we drove two 9th grade boys along with...
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From Jeff Lyon's great blog,In these dangerous, polarizing, and sometimes too politically correct times, writers who bravely tackle issues of international or homeland security, or U.S. involvement in you-know-where, and who are not sufficiently cautious to keep at least one creative foot firmly...
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Writers are a solitary bunch. We live in our heads and in our work, and come out to do readings. But when one of our own is in trouble, we all band together as a community and help out. Case in point: Patry Francis. Patry’s Francis’s debut THE LIAR’S DIARY came out in hardcover from Dutton last...
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 I'm thrilled to report that my award-winning story BREATHE, which became part of my just finished novel Traveling Angels, is going to be part of The Best of The Bellevue Literary Review. I'm also really jazzed that I am going to be reading with Bellevue at the AWP this Thursday. I hope anyone out...
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